Kitchen Couture 7L Digital Air Fryer

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Feel less guilty about enjoying your favourite fried foods with the 7L Digital Air Fryer, which provides a healthier alternative to conventional fried food while still maintaining the same great taste.

  • Cook your favourite fried treats without all the oil and grease!
  • Backlit digital touchscreen
  • Digital temperature control up to 200degC
  • 60 minute digital timer
  • 7L capacity

Enjoy mouth-watering crispy treats without feeling guilty!

By evenly circulating hot air rapidly around your food, the 7L Digital Air Fryer is able to produce the same great tasting food that you love – only healthier.

Unlike conventional alternatives, this amazing appliance is able to deliver delicious food with little-to-no oil. In addition to being a healthier alternative, the 7L Digital Air Fryer also has an average cooking time of 10 – 20 minutes, making it faster that more conventional frying methods so you can get your family fed quicker.

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