Millennial Non-Perforated Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper - 2ply 300 Metre - 8 Rolls

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  • Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper - 2ply 250 Metre - 8 Rolls
  • Jane T Review - over-shower-screen towel rail
  • Glenn from Central Victoria how cool is this -including a dowel and a part of a hacksaw blade zip tied.  8th March
  • Millennial Non-Perforated Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper - 2ply 300 Metre - 8 Rolls
  • Relanda from Queensland made this and sent it to us 5th March 2020.
  • Here is the toilet roll holder my husband made - Tracey P
  • On a coat hanger very practical
  • On a towel rack -so easy
  • Millennial Non-Perforated Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper - 2ply 300 Metre - 8 Rolls
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 This is what America has done. Please note Charmin is one of the best toilet papers on the market there and we cannot compare what we have to this one, but gives you an idea.  Charmin’' new "Forever Roll" is a massive roll of toilet paper targeted at millennial customers

Huge rolls and so much paper too. See how inventive people are with dispensing this - in photos. 1 roll seems to last 2 weeks for some. Jumbo Rolls  1.2  kilometres of paper in 1 box - Wow. This use to be just for the dispenser but now there is a change happening. This batch is 300 metres premium with no perforations (no cuts - so be warned). This trend started in America of course and What you thought you knew you don't. People hate changing rolls and the millennials even more so. But you can use it too. These are good quality compared to other brands. This is the style of paper you find in McDonalds big dispensers however this one is 2 ply and way better quality. If you want we have dispensers to fit (see link bottom of the page and picture). Or show us what stand you make . The rolls are great as they are 300 metre ones and not 180 sheets so 2.4 metres of toilet paper in the box. What your kids and neighbours will think and say is what we want to hear. Small video below. Remember no perforations in the roll. Some people have used a string others a coat hanger and a few built a stand. Clever wife - she has found that people have taken scissors and chopped them up too. Clever idea and possibly great for the kids to do too as an activity. If you have spare just wrap yourself up in one. Send us a picture of your setup with these rolls for a chance to win some prizes or store credit and let us use your pcitures.

 Charmin’' new "Forever Roll" is a massive roll of toilet paper targeted at millennial customers


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6 Reviews

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    Our TP woes are at an end.

    Posted by Jane T on 18 Apr 2020

    Bought the box of 8 jumbo rolls (prompt delivery) - I am no longer anxious about empty shelves in the supermarkets! It fits perfectly on the over-shower-screen towel rail in the ensuite. Nice! -Toilet Paper Man Management--- Hi Jane T. Great idea. You added your idea to the pictures. Thank you for the great feedback. Much appreciated.

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    Millennials toilet paper rolls

    Posted by Joy Qin on 15 Apr 2020

    Firstly, thanks for the toilet paper man, you helped me removed the toilet paper crisis stress.One box Thehe rolls can last for 8weeks the quality of the product which I bought are satisfied. The paper -Toilet Paper Man Management--- Hi Joy. You are very welcome. Thank you for the great feedback. Much appreciated.

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    We are all very impressed. You saved us.

    Posted by Relanda on 05 Apr 2020

    Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for my prompt delivery, I am so glad to be out of the toilet paper hunt and I have enough to share, which is bonus. I bought a carton of the non-perforated millennial rolls that you recently got in. I have ‘dodgied’ up a very workable dispenser by using a cardboard box putting a piece of dowl through it, high enough so that the roll can hang. I then cut one flap off the short side of the box and used my pinking shears to make a zig zag cardboard ‘cutter’ and stuck this back on the box so it sits higher than the box lip. The toilet paper feeds up through a slit in the top of the box, runs across the top of the box (so that when you cut it the paper doesn’t fall back inside) and then gets cut when you pull the loo paper across the cardboard cutter. All in all the kids and my Husband are very impressed. Loo paper and convenience too. Thank you for your tireless efforts in sourcing an increasingly rare item and for your prompt delivery. You are right, its not what we are used to, but its time to think outside the box (or, inside the box, in this case.) Thanks again. -Toilet Paper Man Management--- Hi Relanda. Very very clever! Thank you for sharing.

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    Jumbo roll

    Posted by Rob on 01 Apr 2020

    Thanks guys for sending so fast..You are legends getting us out of trouble during this coronavirus crisis..Cheers to all..Be safe.. -Toilet Paper Man Management--- Hi Rob. You are very welcome. Thank you for the great feedback. Much appreciated.

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    We bit the bullet too.

    Posted by Michael on 25 Mar 2020

    Thanks guys I read one of your customers saying they bit the bullet and swapped to the jumbo rolls, dad wanted me to put this in his outside toilet and loves it, never looked back or ran out so this will make him happy. Think I may be doing the same here --Toilet Paper Man Management--- Hi Michael. Excellent! We like these stories. You guys have fun. Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated.

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    We are convinced and converted!

    Posted by Jessica on 24 Mar 2020

    We bit the bullet and bought this toilet paper for the home. We also decided to purchase the dispenser. Wow what a difference. We will have toilet paper for a very long time. Should have done this a long time ago. Great product and if we EVER run out we will be back ;-) --Toilet Paper Man Management--- Hi Jessica. Great stuff! We are so happy that this worked out for you. Great feedback thank you.

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