Due to the current situation in our country we can no longer ensure fast shipping. It used to take up to 3 days to get your delivery to you. Please allow for double that time or more. The couriers are all working hard to get you your products as fast as they can. The couriers do not always deliver your entire shipment in one go. It might be delivered on separate days. We ask that you please wait for a couple of days before you contact us. 

More importantly talk to the courier if you find that you do not have everything delivered. He/She is standing there at your door they do not bite!

We know these words sound empty by now but believe us WE ASK FOR AND NEED YOUR PATIENCE TO HELP US! Emailing us and telling us that the couriers we use is just not your problem does not help the situation. The less enquirers regarding shipping we have the more efficient we can be.

Please also note! We do not supply tracking numbers.