The Process:

Your order, when placed, goes through to the warehouse where it is placed in a queue. The warehouse will pack your order when it becomes available from the queue. Keep in mind that we sometimes do not ship your full order due to a delay in receipt of stock on our end (order is marked Partially Shipped).

Once packed it will then be placed in the ready to ship area. Then the person, looking after the "ready to ship" orders, will organize a courier for pickup. They will also then mark your order as "Shipped" (of which you will then receive a notification via email) . Your order can be marked and shipped within the hour all depending on when you placed the order. Sometimes your order will be marked as shipped outside of regular business hours. This will mean it will only be picked up by the courier the next day (usually not on weekends meaning if marked for dispatch Friday evening your order will be picked up on Monday).

When the courier arrives for pickup we hand him the full order (everything that has been packed of which stock was available). They take your order to their warehouse where it gets sorted for delivery. The courier do not deliver your order to you directly from us. Items, from your order, that have not been dispatched due to stock will be shipped out as soon as the stock becomes available.

The Courier:

Due to the current situation in our country we can no longer ensure fast shipping. It used to take up to 3 days to get your delivery to you. Please allow for double that time or more. The couriers are all working hard to get you your products as fast as they can. The couriers do not always deliver your entire shipment in one go. It might be delivered on separate days. We ask that you please wait for a week or so before you contact us. 

More importantly talk to the courier if you find that you do not have everything delivered. He/She is standing there at your door they do not bite!

If you have ordered 3 items from us and you come home you may find that only 2 of the items that at your door the items will usually be marked 1 of 3 and 2 of 3. This tells you that the courier knows you have 3 items in your order and they only delivered 2 items. They will deliver the last item to you at some stage. You will find the last item marked 3 of 3 when it gets delivered.

If you get to meet the courier please be nice. If your order is not delivered to you in a time you deemed appropriate please do not get aggravated with the driver. They are only doing their job.