Welcome to the end of the financial year. We are grateful to serve you for the last 24-25 years where we mix old fashion products with the technology of the internet. 
Try these we have doubled the quantity for the same price.  Half price tissues . 
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NEW Chanel No 5
Cling Wrap  33cm and 44cm x 600m
Coloured Soft Knit T-Shirt Rags - 15 kg
Serviettes Bulk Pack - 1ply - 1800 Sheets
Kleenex Flushable Wet Scented Cleansing Cloths
Interleaved Plastic Dispensers
 Face Masks - 50 Masks Per Box - 1 Box
New Twinkle- 2ply 400 Sheets per Roll - 96 Rolls


 If you haven't tried our cleaning products then you are missing saving time. They are stronger and for example the window cleaner instead of wiping 6 times you wipe twice. More productive and saves everyone time and money. Think smarter. 

  If you still need we have 2 Types of Medical Facial Masks in stock from $6.95. 


Cleaning products. What do you need? laundry powder, hand soap, spray and wipe, dishwasher powder for your dishwasher and paper towels - the folded are great. You need hospital grade disinfectant, and other cleaning products. What is great is the foam thin hand wash.


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