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Shortage or no shortage every day is different. One day we have plenty and the next we have none. Laundry powder is the hot item at the moment and face masks. They come in and go out.

 Here at Toilet Paper Man where we are not just toilet paper. Lots of dispensers for soap, sanitisers, paper towels. Not the cheapest but fast shipping and better quality products cut your time and work in 1/2 or less. As they say time is money.

 We have been around now for more than 22 years looking after our staff and putting them through Uni, work experience and providing for their families. 



Cleaning products. What do you need? laundry powder, hand soap, spray and wipe, dishwasher powder for your dishwasher and paper towels - the folded are great. You need hospital grade disinfectant, bleach and other cleaning products. Everyone is going crazy over hand sanitiser but remember this dries your hands if used to much. What is great is the foam thin hand wash.



We donate to the Leukaemia Foundation, Kidney foundation, Sydney Children's Hospital, Police Legacy and many other Australian charities.