1st April. More toilet paper coming in tomorrow (no joke) - however today you have Millennial toilet paper only and I would suggest taking it. This is not what you are use to - So think differently and think big.  

  New Tissues at 0.40c only today and Viva back in stock.

  Important: Before you order make sure your business is not shutting down or if we are delivering to your home if it is okay to leave and you give us special instructions to say so otherwise the goods will come back to us.

Great news some stock has arrived which is made for the millennials and you. A little bit different to what you are use to. In stock today ships straight away. Millennial Jumbo roll 2 ply premium quality. Huge rolls and so much paper too. 

Disinfectant Hospital Grade - 5 Litre

Hand Wash - Antibacterial - 5 Litre

Toilet Paper Man - Disinfectant - Hospital Grade - 5 Litre

Toilet Paper Man - Hand Wash - Antibacterial - 5 Litre


  Cleaning products - wow so much as arrived. Are you thinking correctly - You need laundry powder, hand soap, spray and wipe, dishwasher powder for your dishwasher and paper towels - the folded are great. You need hospital grade disinfectant, bleach and other cleaning products. Everyone is going crazy over hand sanitiser but remember this dries your hands if used to much. What is great is the foam thin hand wash.

 Personal clients send a text message and we will see what we can do. No guarantees. 

Basic hygiene. Wash your hands before going to the bathroom and after. Use a paper towel to touch the door on the way out. Yes paper towel and yes before going.

 Hand sanitisers only back in stock sometime mid April if ethanol is available - lots of fakes out there already which we said no way.

Millennial toilet paper is a great alternative. Use a string coat hanger or make a stand see our pictures of what we did in 2 secs. It is easy - but you need to think big and use common sense.

 Have a crazy day and use both sides of the toilet paper

Some comments from our great customers during this time. We appreciate you all!

"Many thanks for your efforts" - Alan
"Keep up the great work!" - Rana
"Big thank you for your hard work." - Ynja
"No problems at all! Option one is great!! Appreciate the update" - Joe
"Thank you so much. This must be a very difficult time & I really appreciate the communication. Option 3 would be amazing" - Nicole
"Keep up the good work" - Michelle
"Thanks for all your effort" - Sue
"....and thank you for your feedback" - Krystyna
"Really appreciate your work guys! Have a good day!" - Rhiza
"Good luck in a difficult time for you & I do like your sense of humour, always appreciated." - Malcolm
"Good Morning Toilet Paper Man & Very Tired Staff, Thank You, You all are doing a fantastic job keeping up with the demands" - Charmaine
"Thanks for keeping me updated. Keep up the good work Australia needs you" - Michael
"Hi! Thank you for saving our ass!" - Anne