TOILET PAPER MAN - and so much more

What an exciting year so far with lots more specials and nice products for you. Yes we are different and we love you too.



 We are more than just toilet paper and we try and make our products locally.  


The best of the best!

Mr. President - Toilet Paper - 3ply 250 Sheets - 96 Rolls


King toilet Paper

Our Spray and wipe will clean almost anything (Remember the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek wedding’? Well, this product is just as effective). Our Garbage bags are stronger, the window cleaner streak-free, the paper towels better, and the A4 paper is from a superior brand. The A1 Tile and wooden floor cleaner is absolutely amazing. We also offer ultimate convenience, with delivery of all products allowing you to be more efficient, freeing up more time for you to enjoy life.

We donate to the Leukaemia Foundation, Kidney foundation, Sydney Children's Hospital, Breast Cancer, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Police Legacy and many other Australian charities.