King Toilet Paper - 2ply 700 Sheets per Roll - 96 Rolls Toilet Paper

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King Toilet Paper is named after Elvis PresleyHow about a toilet roll which goes on forever and ever and ever and is Great. This is what many clients comment about this roll as well as saving them time and money. This is really different it has 700 sheets of smooth often called silky smooth paper (usual rolls 160-190 sheets). The advantage is it absorbs lots of water and is strong and this is on top of the the roll being so long (but fits on your holder) you save a lot of time changing rolls (save $$$ by saving time). We have had some women who purchase them for home say 1 roll lasts a week compared to 1 everyday (how convenient). Don't be fooled by similar looking products as this quality is different. Great for businesses which have many staff (a usual comment we get. I am the CEO of the company, I earn big $____________ why do i need to change toilet rolls and find cores running around (sounds familiar, that is why this one is popular).

Don't be fooled by similar looking products as this quality is different. Now Individually wrapped.  Take 5 Cartons (96 Rolls per Carton) and get 1 extra for Free.

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6 Reviews

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    Great Product

    Great Product. Fast delivery. Very efficient --Toilet Paper Man Management--- Hi Leigh. Thank you so much for the feedback. Much appreciated.

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    King Toilet Paper

    Great toilet paper for the guys in the factory, lasts a long time ---Toilet Paper Man Management--- Thank you so much for taking the time leave feedback. Makes us happy when our customers are happy.

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    Excellent Value for Money

    These rolls last a long time and perfectly suited for the office environment.

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    David thank you for the suggestion. Great toilet paper!

    This is not only for the home, EXCELLENT for weekend camping! Waste no space take only ONE roll and that is more than enough! OK so I am a cautious person I took 2 someone might have lost one ;-) Again Thank you MR. Toilet Paper Man.

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    Great quality and size of roll means less changing.

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    Excellent! Lasts forever and ever and ever.....!

    Good finger proof tickets. These rolls really go the distance and last for ever and ever. Toilet paper that feels nice on the back side!

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